An Operating Room Hump Day Prayer 9.28.11

UW surgery and residents
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Gracious God whose one and only Son healed people by the touch of His hand or a command of His voice,

we still acknowledge that You are the Great Physician because we have seen it too often to not believe it.

But we also acknowledge, and give thanks, for those who practice the art and skill of medicine.

For those who at this moment are undergoing surgery, we ask that You guide the surgeon’s hands and that of his/her

support team as well. Give them steady hands and clear thoughts.

For those who must tell a patient they have cancer, place Your grace in their words and Your mercy in their care,

For those who work with resolute kids and anxious parents each day, grant humor and understanding in their words and actions.

For those who leave the comfort and tools of medicine in this nation to practice, in Your name, and in the name of healing, medicine

in other nations, give them grace and strength as they do so.

And for those who wait in ER’s and OR’s waiting rooms, give them Your peace.

We are grateful and thankful.



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