For Our Kids We Pray… Hump Day Prayer 9.14.11

A Date with Your Family
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Father on this day we pray for our children.
For those of us who are parents of newborns we are awed and overwhelmed by our children and the almost minute by minute tasks of care.
Grant us the mental and emotional strength and patience we need to care for these precious new lives.


For those of us who are parents of pre-schoolers, “O Lord help!  we half  cry and half laugh on a daily, if not minute, basis
Grant us the deep inner patience with our emerging child who is beginning to think for herself and do it himself
Help us to start empowering them in appropriate ways to become the responsible adults they will one day become.
For those of us who are parents of elementary kids whether for the first year of kindergarten or the final year of life in 5th or 6th grade
Grant us the wisdom to help them learn the art of time management and the value of commitment as they navigate ever increasing options
For those of us who are parents of middle schoolers who are starting to navigate the transition from childhood to adulthood
Grant us the ability to love and listen well to them as they navigate success and failure in relationships, on the athletic field,  and in the classroom
Help us to see them as we truly need to see them as they are starting to think differently, even irreverently, about who they are
And for those of us who are parents of high schoolers who are often buried under homework, part-time work, sports, band, dance, choir… <sigh>
Grant us the peace to let go, as we need to, of the old way of parenting and embrace the new way of parenting as we move from parent to partner in so many ways.
Then Lord, for those of us who are parents of college students who often look now in the rear view mirror of life and remember small hands and feet that brought us joy and now look in the rear view mirror of the mini van as we drive them to college for their first year or their last year, and see young men and women who bring us a mix of pleasure and in some cases, a “hallelujah! the house is ours again! ” we ask, as we do at all stages of our parenting life, for their safety and protection. Grant us wisdom to know when to help and when to be asked for help.
Father, this has really been a prayer for us, the parents, as much as it has been for our kids. Help us this day good and gracious Father to parent well and in Your strength because we need it this day and everyday. 
We are grateful and we are thankful.

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