Thursday Thoughts: Communication and Connection in Today’s World

I have been told by at least one person that I am an early adapter when it has come to Social Media. (Hence my begging to get an invite to Google Plus! which I got from someone I did not know and whom I thanked for doing so!)

I joined Facebook 4 years ago and then dropped it earlier this year because it had become so overwhelming to me. I am now back on Facebook with a page only and am comfortable with that.

Twitter I learned of by way of an article in Wired and thought, “Hum, this is different!” And proceeded to enter the Twitter stream. I hit the reset button in the spring  because it was overwhelming as well and started a new account that has proved much more manageable.

Then, this past Friday, I attended a seminar on Social Media Ministry led by Doug Pagitt, an Minneapolis pastor and social media consultant, and it was one of those ‘ah ha!’ moments for me.

In his opening presentation he spoke of having a social media philosophy and shared some categories that really helped me starting thinking through my social media use.  The categories that helped me  begin to clarify were questions about the why of social media: Is for information, sharing, inspiration, or learning? For me, it is all of those and I needed to clarify which platform was being used for which purpose.

He also spoke of personal, professional, and institutional usage and again some clarity came to my thinking about which of my networks are given to which of these areas. Again it is all of those and I needed to clarify how I was going to use each of them.

Then I read this week a wonderful post by Meredith Gould about one social media ladder over at or #chsocm entitled  Social Technographics:Where Are You on the Forrester Ladder?  ( )

Here is a graphic she used in her post:


I am in the upper rungs of this ladder and in the comments made by Josh Bernoff  here  and am aware of the need for multiple engagements on different SM platforms in much greater way today.


I am grateful to Doug and Meredith for their very helpful presentations and I am finding (finally) some peace about my social media usage these days.

These are my Thursday Thoughts!

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