Hump Day Prayer for September 7, 2011

Mourning flag.
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I come to you this morning grieving and mourning the death of a cousin.

His sudden death and his closeness in age has given me a fresh reminder

that death comes suddenly.

I do not pretend to know about the state of his soul, you do and you are a

true and righteous God.

But in the turbulence of my emotions and thoughts this day

I reflect on a life that could have been a better life than it was.

I reflect not in judgment but in sadness.

Jesus I know that during this particular time of the year we are again

reflecting on the last minutes and lives of those who were so tragically taken

one a clear September morning.

So in all of our remembering, grieving, and mourning this day and this week

let us experience Your grace and help us to seriously consider our lives

and the Life that you have offered us through Your risen Son.

Let us love better…

Let us believe more …

Let us care often…

As a way of remembering and giving thanks for the memories that we have

of those who we have lost.



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