1000 Premieres: An Exciting Faith and Film Project

I cannot remember if, and when I watched a movie about David and Goliath.


But this is about to change with the announcement here and across the Internet today, September 6, 2011 about a movie production that is getting underway and will be premiered October 12-14, 2012.

Called ‘Four Stones,’ this film is being produced in non-studio fashion by people of faith who believe that a quality movie is always in demand.

I personally am looking forward to this production and plan to make possible a home showing for some friends by purchasing a license in the near future that will allow me to show it… at home!

But enough from me, here are two of the key people involved in the project, Sarah Cunningham and Ben Arment, to share more!

First Ben, the producer of Four Stones about the why and how for this film and its production

Now from Sarah, who is the production coordinator, comes a couple of clips about you can be involved and why

I am looking forward to watching this important project move forward


the film!


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