Hump Day Prayer… of Thanksgiving

Christians praying in Goma, DR of Congo.
Image via Wikipedia

Father God,

I am grateful for much this day…

for my wife who has been Your servant in helping me to grow in faith and as a man

for my boys who are becoming young men of character and ability

I pray for them all this day that they would sense Your presence throughout the day.


for my mom whose example of faith and commitment has stood strong for many years

Bless her and be a strong presence to her this day


for the congregation I serve who live and work and serve you in a variety of occupations and place

Grant them strength and peace as they work and live in their places of work and life


for You, for who You are…

for Your grace and mercy through Your only Son Jesus Christ

I am grateful and thankful and humbled

by Your love and salvation that I do not deserve

I am still, Lord a man of unclean lips and heart who needs Your cleansing touch on my heart and soul

Forgive me for my sins and bring strength and purity to my thoughts, motives, attitudes, and decisions


I thank You heavenly Father for all that You have done for me and to me

And I ask Your blessing up those who will read this prayer today and in the days ahead



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