Hump Day Prayer for August 3, 2011 for students

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Father today I come to You on behalf of those who are preparing for school.

For those who are college freshman and are either moving from home to school or who are commuting, I ask that You go with them either way.

Keep them safe and help them to have patience with themselves, with roommates, professors, their parents, and others as they navigate a new educational experience.

For those adults who are going back to school after being away from school for a while, give them Your peace and affirm them as they take a new step of faith in themselves to return to the classroom. May they relax and enjoy their experience and may they be a source of encouragement to the younger students as well.

For the teachers, at all levels, who are getting ready to teach, be with them as they prepare for another year. For the first teachers, as they too, navigate a new chapter, help them have patience with themselves as they get ready for their students.

God, we give you thanks for the ability to learn and even if we are not returning to the classroom, help us in our learning each day as well and as we learn, may we do so with the desire to honor You and serve others well.



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