Grace, law and student drivers

In my driving, no, make that riding, along in the car as my oldest drove to voice lessons, I was, in turn, antsy, impatient, fearful, and… Amused.

Antsy and impatient because he is still learning to drive.

Fearful because of the other drivers who might gesture at him, honk, or worse run him over or off the road…

And amused because of his methodical approach to driving.

Which also got me to thinking about grace and law.

When he pulls up to an intersection, he stops first at the painted stop bar, or where one would be.(We traverse mainly county roads to get to voice lessons.) Then, as necessary, he pulls forward to get a clearer view of the intersection.

Then there is the methodical attention to the speed limit.

And finally the methodical turns that still need some work.

He has become a very good driver. But he is still a novice.

It got me thinking about law and grace. There is a point when we first believe in God and His saving grace that we pay close attention to important things of faith. We become methodical about new habits and ways of doing things.

But as time goes on, we begin to get into the flow of faith. We move beyond the mechanicalness of worship, scripture reading and study, prayer, and service.

We begin to enjoy the journey, just like we do as we drive more and more.

We still stop when we need to stop. We travel at a good speed. Our situational awareness increases and, at a certain level, we relax and stop gripping the wheel.

St Paul rightly points out that we see the law for what it is, an awareness maker of our fallen condition, while grace, God’s grace through Jesus Christ, is what now makes possible new life in Him.

We begin to enjoy the life we have in Jesus Christ and we begin to go with the flow of the Holy Spirit.

Enjoy the ride!

These are my Thursday Thoughts.


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