Thursday Thoughts: The Place of Community

This week was our annual national church meetings.

I will admit that I looked forward to going with some mixed feelings. But I am glad that I went because I was reminded that I am part of a community of faith that is divinely created and yet very human for three reasons:

1. I had begun to isolate myself after going through an emotionally draining conflict. I needed to greet people, shake their hand or hug them or both, no matter whether or not they were related to the conflict, and tell them how I was feeling when they asked and let them love on me with words of affirmation and prayer. I, in turn, was able to love on them as well.

2. Our church is in the midst of an identity crises. So am I. I am in the middle of life with the realization that goals and dreams will never be realized. I needed to admit that and to feel the loss of certain groups and functions that had been key parts of my experience with the church. But that this crisis is just a stopping place on God’s road for me and to confess that to others shreds the self-pity that has been crippling me.

3. The absolutely essential nature of face to face relationships. Meeting f2f with one of my mentors and then worshipping with him reminds me of the fellowship of the body, that St Paul speaks of so much in his epistles, which transcends trends and even fads of ministry. I cannot live the life of faith without such connection.

These are my Thursday Thoughts


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