A Father’s Day Prayer 2011

My Heavenly Father who is just and holy and loving and graceful,

I come to you on behalf of father’s far and wide today and ask that through Your grace, mercy, and power help all of us to be better fathers.

For those dads who serve our nation this day in war zones and around this nation and world, protect and guide them this day. May they be home soon.

For those dads who are wounded because of the terribleness of war and for whom life will never be the same, I pray that Your grace and mercy will be with them as they take each day as it comes. For the wives, children, and families, I pray that You will strengthen their bonds of love, no matter how stretched they are, and bring peace to them as well.

For those dads who are incarcerated, God as only You can, love them, speak to them, and help them to know that they are not far from Your love even though they may feel far from the love of their children and families. Help them, even those who are on death row and in for life, to know that there is a good God who still reaches out to them as a Heavenly Father can do.

For those dads who struggle with addiction, help their families to no longer enable them but to help them find the help they need. And for those who deal with mental illness, look upon them and their families and do not let shame or shaming keep them from getting the help they need. Love them deeply.

For fathers who are struggling with work, help them to find the right kind of employment, move in the hearts of those who hire to do the right thing, and provide for their needs in the meantime.

For fathers who are single parents, grant Your grace and mercy to them each day that they will have the right kind of resoluteness in their parenting.

For dads who are grieving and mourning the death of a child, O Father we pray that You will love them as only You can.

And finally Lord for those dads who will be beside the bed of a sick child or spouse, or a parent who is dying, send Your peace there and may their peace among and with all those present.

Through Christ our Lord who taught us to pray

Our Father

… Amen



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