Hump Day Prayer for June 8, 2011

Image by Blaž Vizjak via Flickr

Good morning Father


We pray for those who are trying to find shelter from the heat or need to find shelter from it.

Be with those who work with the homeless and the elderly, give them patience, wisdom, and strength to help those they serve be safe.

Give alertness to the Postal Carriers and delivery drivers as they run their routes in this heat that they will notice someone who needs help and be able to get it to them.

Father, many this morning are finding heat not just in the out of doors but inside the home, the office, the church, the school, the neighborhood, and themselves.

There are both hot and cold wars going on in relationships in these places and it is getting hotter and hotter.

For those considering divorce, grant in Your wisdom and mercy that you will help both parties to do what is right and necessary. Bring healing and hope where possible. For the children, young and old, in these situations, be with them and help them to know that You love for them and help find love and support from good people and even their wounded and grieving parents.

For those who are in the heat of a workplace situation that is challenging their work ethic and values we ask that you help them to be focused on what is right and just and provide for them support and if necessary, a new job.

For those in the heat of parenting and children with special needs we ask that you provide them with the strength they need and also persons of support to help them carry the load.

O God who walked along in the heat of the desert for 40 days, walk with us during this heat wave and may we be ministered to by Your Holy Spirit.

Amen and Amen


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