Hump Day Prayer 5.18.11

Angry cat
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Some of us are close to losing it today. We are in the middle of a swamp that bogs us down and makes us angry, testy, and frustrated. We keep thinking that things are going to improve and get much, much better

But they aren’t…

… and we are losing our patience, with others who won’t “hurry up,” or “get serious” or “get their head in the game,” with ourselves, and dare we say it, God, with You!

We are getting tired of ‘playing nice’ or ‘being nice’…

We want to see something happen and we want to see it happen NOW!

You understand this impatience and anger.

You know what it is like to be tired of being nice.

But, the reasons You ‘cut loose’ at times had everything to with the human condition.

For us the reasons we ‘cut loose’ has more to do with being inconvenienced as we would rather be anywhere else but at the desk or work station; on the factory floor; or in the classroom; cleaning up another messy diaper; or dealing with another conflict between two people who are unable to, due to disabilities, resolve it again.

We are, Our gracious Father and God, are in the middle of it and we are weary.

So in Your power and strength help us to wait, love, listen, and when it is really the right thing to do confront, not out of anger but out of a love that says, ‘you can get move forward and let me and God help you.’

Thank you for your graciousness, your long and patient graciousness, to us.



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