A Mother’s Day Prayer

Mother and Child
Image by gem66 via Flickr


I thank you first of all for my mother whose simple faith and love of books has become an integral part of my life. I ask that, in the season of life she is in, you will remind her that You are the same God that she believed in and trusted so many, years ago and affirm her faith and trust in You.

For my wife, I give You thanks as well. She is a hard worker and goes much farther than I do as a wife, mom, educational aide, and pastor’s wife. Strengthen and affirm her and Father, help me do a better job of supporting her in my daily tasks, in speaking well of her, and listening well to her.

For my mother-in-law and sister-in-law I also give you thanks. I value their work and relationship of nearly 30 years. Bless them Lord this special day and everyday.

For mothers who are expecting, help them during this wonderful time. And, no matter circumstances of their pregnancy, I ask that you would strengthen them and sustain them and their unborn child.

For mothers who are grieving the death of a child, no matter how young or old they are, be with them as we grieve with them.

For mothers who are in situations in which the evil and ugly head of domestic violence has reared itself, help them find a safe place for them and their children.

For mothers who are incarcerated, Lord God, care for them and love them as only You can and I pray that what communication and connection can and is able to happen would happen for their benefit as well as the benefit of their families.

For mothers, and fathers, who are going through the adoption process, give them Your peace and aid and help them as they go through it. We pray that You will help them have wisdom and discernment as they do so and help them to accept whatever the outcome might be as it comes to important points.

Finally Father I pray that you will be with those women who are unable to have children or are trying to. God be their source of hope and strength and put good and helpful people in their path as they go through this process. For those who are dealing with the finality of infertility, God love them and encourage them and be with them.



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