New Discoveries From Science Fair: Thursday Thoughts

My wife and I thought last year that it was our last year to transport one of our boys to the regional science fair.

We were wrong.

For the seventh straight year, we made the 30 minute trek to the closest university to sit in bleachers while one of ours stood, this time for 3 and a half hours, and answered questions about his high school science project.

He did well winning three awards for his green screen project.

But it was the awareness of the early years and the question from a pastoral colleague about where his first year daughter was to be and where he was to be that prompted this post.

I remember sitting with my wife while our oldest stood on the floor that first year and squirming in our seats knowing that he would stand alone to face the judges and we had to watch from quite a distance and not be able to help him. That is a normal feeling and it will give way to the normal waiting that will come as your kids get involved in other things as they move through school.

What struck me later was that while my oldest, standing on the floor for the fifth time, had only one award, an honorable mention in grade school, he had learned a great deal from our trips, that stand him, and any student, in good stead.

1. He has learned how to interact with adults and peers.

2. He has developed effective communication skills that utilizes technology.

3. He has learned how to research and conduct research.

I am sure that we will be headed to at least one more fair, before high school is a written chapter in our lives. But what my kids, and other kids, have learned, skill wise will stick with them throughout their lives.

These are my Thursday Thoughts utilizing the WordPress iPhone app and written on my iPad.


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