Along the “Desert”ed Paths: Lenten Humpday Prayer March 9, 2011

City Sidewalks
Image by Ottoman42 via Flickr

For some of us Father this day is important to us because we intentionally take time to let go of something and seek to embrace You in a re-freshing way.

For others of us we look at this as just another day and the “religious” significance is lost on us or, quite frankly, we don’t care about it at all.

And yet Lord, You walked in the desert, alone, without  visible support for 40 days.

We know what happened at the end of those forty days – intense and focused temptations from the Evil One, the same basic temptations we face daily, and, when we are honest about it, give into daily –

The temptation to be powerful, to be famous, to be influential, to be…………….. Number One!

But what we don’t know is what happened before then… in the desert… what sustained You? Who sustained You?

Much remains a mystery but we know that in the Garden, that we shall come to again in a few weeks, You faced the biggest temptation of all –

the temptation to disobey and do Your thing

and yet in the midst of that time you prayed “Your will not Mine be done.”

We are reentering our deserts during this season and we have no idea what we are facing

and if we are honest, no idea what we are doing…

We give up things – chocolate, coffee, snarkiness with an anxiety that pales in comparison to what You gave up for us.

But our desert paths take us through our homes, places of work, houses of worship, our schools, and our community

we walk them alone and yet, yet

we don’t walk them alone

So as we begin this season of reflection

we need you to walk with us

because we need to let go of something

maybe coffee because it makes us too jittery and anxious

maybe chocolate because it keeps the pounds on and our health is in jeapordy

maybe snarkiness because we are losing friends and family because of it

but maybe we need to let go of ourselves

and JUMP

into Your arms again

and let you take us through the desert and out the other side to a new place

a new time

a new us

redeemed, cleansed, and sanctified by You

and for You…



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