Blake Coffee “Trust as the Means of Healing”

never be afraid to ask for what you want
Image by Meredith_Farmer via Flickr

A quotable quote/tweetable tweet for March 8, 2011

“…when you must speak the truth in love to me, you must first remove all doubts in my mind about your motives.  You must convince me that you have my best interests at heart.  You must create an environment where I feel safe and where I am willing to allow you to administer painful medicine.  If you do not accomplish this first and foremost, you simply cannot speak truth in love to me, because I cannot hear it. Speaking the truth in love requires a relationship between us.”

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One thought on “Blake Coffee “Trust as the Means of Healing”

  1. Ain’t that the truth! How often do we skip the essential step of investing time and love into building real, honest relationships. Instead, we go for the quick fix, the “I know what you need” instead of the “I know who you are because you are my friend.” Thanks for sharing!

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