“You Are Holy Lord” Hump Day Prayer for January 26, 2011

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You are Holy Lord and there is no one beside You

There is no one like You

You are God.

We thank you for your grace and mercy in our lives

We thank you for your salvation and forgiveness through your only Son Jesus Christ.

On this day Lord we  ask for your guidance and strength

We ask for patience and love as we go through this day.

Father we weep with those who weep

mourn with those who mourn

and rejoice with those who rejoice

We pray for the children, the teens, and the college students this day

protect them and help them in their studies

Father for those who are dealing with physical pain and  illness

be their source of healing and hope

guide the doctors and medical personnel in their work

give them steady hands and clear thoughts

help them to correctly diagnose the situation.

May we honor You in all that we do, say, think, and feel

Now go and be God’s people this day and this week

Go in the strength and the power of the Holy Spirit

for the mission and purposes to which God has called you

In the name of the Father, and the Son, and The Holy Spirit.

And church…

Take Courage!



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