1st Hump Day Prayer for 2011

Father as we have commenced a new year, I know that family and friends are dealing the rub of life.

There are health issues some of which are very serious and some, while serious, are more irritating.

There are work issues and some are wishing they c0uld change jobs right now and some Father are still without a job.

There are financial issues and they are draining the life out of marriages, friendships, and families.

There are personal issues as some deal with mental illness, depression, addiction, and some are dealing with the realization that they are broken and need help.

There are spiritual issues as some are angry at You, their church, their faith and some have been deeply wounded in Your name.

In the pain of all these situations tenderly love each person and walk with them through their pain.

In the seemingly insurmountable obstacles these situations present, act in accordance with Your good and perfect will.

In the uncertainty of decision, give clear guidance and patient waiting.

Lord, You ARE our dwelling place throughout all generations. We rejoice with the truth and reality that you are God and that You act in ways that bring life and life more abundant to us.

Renew our faith, strengthen our hope, refocus our love so that we honor You and You are honored through all of these things.

In Jesus’ name.


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