Review of Tami Heim and Toni Birdsong’s @StickyJesus

“More people will log on to blogs, Facebook, and Twitter this Sunday than will go to church. More people will meet the person they are going to marry online than will likely meet at the church barbecue, And more people will share their joys, heartbreak, and revelations via status updates than will seek the help of a counselor or a pastor this year.”

The land of “shiny things” – electronic smart phones and tablets (like the iPad I am using right now) are here to stay. It is the online world of Twitter, Facebook, Google, and blogging. And people of all ages and backgrounds are flocking to it.

And Tami Heim and Toni Birdsong offer us a wonderful faith-based guide to help us navigate and serve the Lord in their book @Sticky Jesus: how to live out your faith online.

Published by Digital Scribe Press, @Sticky Jesus offers both veterans and novices of the online world a very valuable resource to help them as they navigate the online world. There are three wonderful chapters on the basic of Facebook, Twitter, and blogging that will help newcomers navigate their entry into the world of “social media.”

What I found valuable in this book was the reminder of how one’s character is both expressed in and shaped by the online world. The chapters dealing with humility, the danger zones, and the work of the Holy Spirit in one’s online presence.

Having taken a significant Twitter break the past three weeks, @Sticky Jesus has provided me with gut check about my own online presence.

Tami and Toni has done us a wonderful favor in writing this book. I believe that it should be considered as a textbook for college communication classes as it deals with not just content but ethical issues.

I will definitely be recommending this book to friends and my congregation. Thanks Tami and Toni!

(Note: I was graciously given a copy of this book by the authors and was not required to write a positive review.)


2 thoughts on “Review of Tami Heim and Toni Birdsong’s @StickyJesus

  1. Thanks for the review and feedback, Jim. I am pumped that you see what is possible in this time and space. Just imagine what would happen if Christ followers everywhere mobilized and formed a massive digital echo chamber – reflecting, sharing, and living His light online. It’s hard to not be very excited about being born in such a time as this. Believers need to embrace the World Wide Web and use it for the glory of God!
    May all we do – in all ways be #AllForHim.

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