The Virtue of the Little

What I am reading this week: December 2, 2010

“St Francis de Sales says that great virtues and small fidelities are like salt or sugar. Sugar has a more exquisite taste, but is not used so often. On the contrary, salt enters into all food necessary to life. The great virtues are rare, the occasion for them seldom comes… The small occasions are unexpected. They return every moment. They place us constantly at odds with our pride, our idleness, our scorn, our quickness and our chagrin. They come to break our own will in all things, and leave us no reserve.  If we want to be faithful in these small things, nature never has time to breath, and we must die to all our inclinations… It is, however, only by faithfulness in the little things that the grace of true love sustains us, and distinguishes itself from the passing favors of human nature.

Christian Perfection
by Francois de Salignac de La Mothe Fenelon


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