Hump Day Prayer for Elected Officials

US Capitol at night. A mosaic image of around ...
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Father, I am grateful for the opportunity to live in a nation where I get to choose who represents my community and state. And today Lord, I am asking that as the transition has started at various levels between those coming into office and those who are leaving office, you would be with them during this time.

But Lord, I also pray for them as husbands and wives, sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, and children.

Lord they have issues and concerns and decisions regarding life, marriage, faith, health, and the life just the same as we do. Some are dealing with a troubled marriage, may they find both the resolve and support they need to work through the issues so that their marriage is strengthened.

Some are dealing with aging parents whose health, both mental and physical, is failing and they are wrestling with how to best care for them. Grant them compassionate wisdom as they do what may turn out to be only the best they can do.

Some are awaiting word from a medical test and they are concerned about hearing words like ‘cancer,’ ‘heart attack, and the like. Give them Your peace right now and help them to turn to you and seek you during this time.

Some Lord are dealing with the inner temptations and demons that come with being given significant power. God I ask that you help them find the necessary support to help them resist giving in and bringing dishonor not just to you but to them, their constituents, and their families.

I thank you for all of them Lord, even though I have and will disagree with their positions and votes. They are people just like me and they matter to You because You created them.



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