A Review of Kary Oberbrunner’s Your Secret Name

‘Whether you believe in God or not, he believes in you. He fashions each of us according to his likeness. And even though we all have the divine spark within us, most of us never acknowledge this divine thought. As in my childhood game, we try to act our part before we know our part.”

Kary Oberbrunner, pastor, husband, and father tells of his journey to finally find his part in God’s great plan in his book Your Secret Name. It is a story of great pain that includes turning to cutting and building thick inner walls to keep others and God out, even as a seminary student.

Weaving the story of Jacob (Deciever) with his own story, Oberbrunner brings to life the challenged that Jacob faced in finally overcoming his GIVEN NAME (Deceiver) and finally finding, as he wrestled with God alone the night before coming face to face with his long estranged brother his SECRET NAME.

This is a marvelous testimony to the power of God’s grace to free us from those names, those labels, given to us by life circumstances, other persons, and even Satan himself. It is a story about one person’s journey to discover his true identity in the Lord.

Published by Zondervan, Your Secret Name, is a power message of how God’s grace and mercy that will speak to a variety of audiences.

My copy of Your Secret Name via an e-mail contest with Re-think Monthly magazine. I was not required to give a positive recommendation as a condition of winning and reviewing this book.



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