Hump Day Prayer for October 27, 2010

Good morning Father!

We are grateful for this Wednesday although after yesterday, we are glad for any day that does require battening down the hatches!

On this day Lord we remember those who are in the middle of a season of life change. Some are in the empty nest season (maybe only for a little while) and some are struggling with getting reacquainted with their spouse after several decades of child rearing. Grant them patience with each other and help them to make the time to listen and understand the other.

Others Lord are in that vital transition from adolescence to young adulthood. They are coming and going in both directions and they are overwhelm with both abundance (as in course offerings) and scarcity (as in jobs to help with life expenses and life itself!) Grant them hope and patience as they navigate the choice before them.

And others Lord are simply trying to get through this day and are dealing personnel issues, personal issues, health, aging parents, kid’s schedules, hand cramps from check writing for all the things needed by kids, and the like. Grant them sanity and clarity of purpose to seek Your help and strength during this hump day.


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