Eugene Peterson on the rhythms of life

What I am reading this week: October 19, 2010

from an interview with Gabe Lyons posted here:

Let’s talk a little bit now about the topic of rhythm. I know that you like to refer to a balanced life as a life in rhythm. And the balance of living by rhythm versus living by schedule is a pretty tough thing to practice. Can you give us some insight on how you practice that and how to implement that in our lives?

Let me qualify this by saying that rhythm is very individual. You can’t impose a rhythm on somebody; you have to enter into a rhythm. And people don’t have to have the same rhythm. Some people can walk in three-quarter time and some in four-four time. You don’t have to do it the same. You can’t do it the same. You’ve got to find the rhythm of your own body, your own life, your own history. Having rhythm means that you live out who you are in relationship to who God is, who Jesus is. So it’s more like a dance.

One of the hard things in America is to escape this scheduled world that we’re living in-where things are so disconnected from the seasons, from the night and day, the rhythms that are around us and that are within us, our heartbeat, our pulse, our breathing. So if we just let the culture determine the way we live, we’re going to live pretty jerky lives. I think for me, and for many I’ve worked with and talked to around this, the place to begin is the Sabbath. The Sabbath is the one interruption into the life of jerky fragmentation that is still possible. You can take a day off.


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