A Hump Day Prayer of Praise, Thanksgiving, and Desire

Location of Chile
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Good morning Father!

We rejoice and give thanks to You for the wonderful on-going rescue of the Chilean miners this day. Oh God we thank you that they are still alive and they are going from darkness to light. Be with them especially in mind and spirit. Help them with the transitions that they are undergoing.

Guide those running the operation that they will be alert and that the equipment will function correctly. Be with the families of those now rescued and those who are still awaiting rescue. You have been with them these past weeks and months, continue to be with them in the minutes and hours still before them.

Father on this Wednesday, we praise You for who You are. You are loving, righteous, just redemptive. We praise you for who You are and what You have done for us.

And Lord we are also aware that we are halfway in something: a work project, through the work day in some areas of the world, a day of school, the morning commute (or evening commute). But we are also aware of the numerous inner changes that are on-going in our lives and the desire to be changed into Your likeness is often wavering and we grow weary in our faithfulness to You.

O God help us on this hump day to wait upon you and know that You are continuing to do Your good work within us. Ease our anxiety with ourselves and our situations with Your grace, mercy, and love.

And strengthen us to do and to be Your persons again this day in the places and spaces that we find ourselves.



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