Nameless Thursday Prayer

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In Your wonderful hand you created what we call ‘day’ and over the eons, we have given them names.

Today is Thursday, Lord.

In our time and place we often celebrate Fridays because it is the ‘end of the week’ and front end of the weekend when we can get away from the job.

We bemoan Mondays because it starts ‘the week’ and its attendant challenges all over again.

We have begun to look at Wednesday as ‘hump day’ as the day in the middle when we get over the hump of the week and look forward to the downward coast to the weekend.

In Your economy Father, do You not see all the days alike? Is not each day holy and important to You?

On this Thursday I ask for You to be with us as we enter, it seems, a twilight zone of time and wonder how it is going to turn out.  Some of us today are facing a diagnosis that we do not want to hear. Others of us are finding out that our employment is about to come to an end.

Still others are waiting word on a loved one, in the military, in the OR and/or ER, and we ask for Your grace and mercy to be with us and them.

Father, some of us are in a spiritual twilight zone, we are aware of Your wonderful love and grace in some new ways while we are also mindful that we are, like the publican, still sinners in need of forgiveness as we have become aware of,  at a new level, that our sinfulness is as black and deep as ever.

So Lord I ask for myself, and for those who read this prayer, that you would be with us on the Nameless Thursday and may Your wonderful Word, name in a day of grace, a day of redemption, and a day of hope and healing.

Through Jesus Christ Our Lord, and hallelujah, our Savior!





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