A Friday Prayer for Homecoming

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A Prayer for this week: September 24, 2010

Father, this is a time of year when homecoming is in our vocabulary. People come home to High Schools and Colleges and see who is there and hoping (secretly) for who MIGHT be there.

It is a time of remembrance… of humorous acts and moments that we now shake our heads at (and warn our children not to copy!)… We remember our classmates who are no longer on this earth…some died because of cancer, other on the battlefield, and some died tragic and senseless deaths.

We also give thanks at homecoming… for those teachers who made us angry because of their “unfair” grading practices or difficult homework assignments but who benefited us in numerous ways as life has gone on.

Thank you for the opportunity to “come home” and remember. Teach us new things and help us cultivate new thanks during this homecoming weekend. Amen


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