A Prayer on and for this day…

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This is a day of great angst.

Those of us who can remember, remember where we were and what we were doing when the news and the images of a terrible tragedy came to our realizations.

And today Lord, the pain, grief, and loss for many, many persons is still so terribly strong and fresh.

Rhetoric of all kinds does not address the grief of those who were left with the last goodbye and the last ‘I love you.’ We stand with them this day, with and in silent respect, and ask for You to continue loving them with Your everlasting love.

Slogans and actions do not salve the wounds and the still fresh righteous anger of those still seeking a just closure to the terrible acts done to their loved ones who died as victims of evil, clothed in the name of God, and to those who died doing their work of attempted rescue, in their everyday way.

In these past nine years good and gracious Father, how have we honored You out of all the hate, loss, grief, pain, fear, and sadness of that day?

Have we sought to be Your people, clothed in Your true and holy and lovely righteousness, or have we accepted a cheap imitation knock off of it?

On this day, in these days, we are angry, we are troubled, and we are just plain mad… at lots of things and lots of people.

Are we righteously angry at evil? Evil that takes many shapes and forms and perverts what is good and holy and loving for the sake of destruction and hate?

On this day Lord let us remember that, according to Your great and good word, “to overcome evil with good.” And let the good we do be Your good in accordance with Your Holy and Loving character.

Help us to be measured in our desire for justice so that it does not become an unchecked vengeance.

Help us to also call out injustice and hate no matter where it is and take the appropriate stand so that it is properly dealt with.

Help us to stand for what is good wherever it is found and demonstrated.

This is still Your world, Holy Father, and “though the wrong seems oft so strong,” you are still God and You are “still the ruler yet.”

We confess to you our fears, and they are many, these days.  Help us to surrender our fears into Your nail scarred hands. Take them and replace them with Your love, peace, and mercy.

We also confess that we are unclean people in an unclean world. Send the coals of forgiveness, mercy, and grace to our sin scared hearts, souls, and tongues and burn out the sin that so easily besets us and help us live as redeemed people in the making. People who allow You to make the difference in others.

Be our God and help us to be Your people.

We pray in the name of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.



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