Praying in the “Middles” on the front end of the week

end of the road
Image by ztephen via Flickr

(Last week on Twitter someone tweeted about God being in our “middles” as well as our beginnings and our ends, I cannot remember who but I will track it down and edit this post when I find out. I remarked that ‘middles’ are often where faith is stretched the most. )

Father on this Monday we are reminded and experiencing “middles” in our lives.

For some of us the middles are in the middle of a stressful project at work. We need patience and hope to get to the end. Help us do so with Your grace and mercy.

Others of us are in the middles of marriage. The last kid has left home (we hope) and now we stare at one another across the table or the living room or even the bedroom wondering who we now are and who they now are. Help us Lord to communicate well, honestly, and with respect during this time so that we have the time to refocus on this vital relationship as well as refocusing our lives post-child bearing.

Some of us are in the middle of a serious illness. For some it is our illness, it is cancer, diabetes, arthritis. Some of us are aware of the outcome – death and increasing disability.Grant us Lord mercy, grace, salvation, and Your deep and wonderful Peace.

For others of us Lord, we walk in the middle of an illness with a friend, spouse, and/or family member. Grant us a deeper ability to love and listen.

Finally Lord some of us are in the midst of a change – a developmental change.

We are leaving our twenties and headed into our thirties with unfinished agendas – marriage, kids, career and the like.

We are leaving our thirties and head into our forties with debt, kids, and career that press on us on every side.

We are leaving out forties and are entering our fifties – and we find a sourness in our soul that disturbs us.

Be with us in these moments. Help us to be grace filled and strengthened by the certainty of  your Love.

And some of us Lord are in the middle of a decade that we find unsettling and we are struggling to make sense of it all.

Strength us with the rock bottom reality of your Love and presence.

Give us a fresh and renewing perspective this day… a Monday… the front end of the week as we are in the midst of all our “middles”



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