A Review of Joan Ball’s Flirting With Faith

Joan Ball was a successful business executive with a family and a dream home to boot. But she was skeptical of  Christians and Christianity.  “I believed the whole Christianity thing has started as an elaborate ruse, perpetrated by powerful and wealthy people to control the uneducated masses.” That view and belief would suddenly change on a summer morning as she and her family left worship. She would encounter the God that she thought was a false construct in a dramatic and life-changing way. Clear, fast paced, and moving, Flirting With Faith by Joan Ball is a contemporary story of what happens when God chooses to dramatically act in a person’s life. Flirting With Faith traces Joan’s story from atheism, through a recovery based agnosticism, and into the embrace of Jesus Christ and the opening years of that embrace as she wrestles with work identity, family health, and conflict along the way. I will disclose that I read a draft of this book in early 2009, and was moved to tears by her story and her moment of moving from unbelief to belief.  As I again read the final copy, I still was moved to tears and joy as a person who had it all, and had tried it all, finally found peace in God and peace with God. This is not a sentimental or dogmatic book. It is an open and deeply honest account of one’s person spiritual pilgrimage. (Disclosure: I received a copy of the book from the author as a gift with no expectation for a positive review.)

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