A Prayer for those in Pain

Father, I have been reminded today that there are many people in pain.

Some are in physical pain because of poor health or an accident.

I ask Lord that you bring your healing touch to their bodies and your healing grace to their souls. Ease their pain, I pray.

Guide and direct the medical personnel who are involved in their care. Give them steady hands and clear thoughts as they treat their patients.

Some Lord, are in other kinds of pain. Some Lord are dealing with mental and emotional pain. They are dealing with a hurt that cannot be quickly taken away.

Lord, guard their hearts and minds in you so that the Evil One does snatch Your good seed away from them.

Help them to understand and believe that you are present and love them deeply and want to embrace them and help them. Guide those who work with them and make them instruments of Your grace and healing.

And for the friends and families, I ask that you love them and remind them that you are a good and gracious God, who they can count on for help and strength.

Thank you for the healing touch in our lives through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.



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