A Friday Prayer For US

On this August Friday Father,

We stand in need of major change.

We are dealing with financial debt that overwhelms us and we are ashamed to admit because we taken pride in our self-sufficiency that is not being eaten away little by little.

Some of us are being ridden hard by fear. We fear aging… in ourselves, our spouses, our parents, our friends… our lives. Many times Lord we are frozen with a sadness that our lives have came to naught.

Others of us are dealing with hate. We hate our jobs, we hate our family, we hate this political party or that political party… we hate those who are different from us… we hate ourselves. But we sometimes realize the fear that drives this hate is deep and long

Some of us are dealing with lust. We are driven to images on the net or in a magazine or a bookstore. We have this secret world that no one knows about and it is killing us… We are ashamed that we have reduced other human beings to a ‘thing’ instead of a person that you created.

Some of us are dealing with depression and we, like fear or debt or lust, are driven to shame and silence because we don’t to be judged as weak or be known because we are perceived as a strong person. But there is this deep pit, this dark cloud that envelopes us, even in the midst of sun, love, and life that blocks all hope from entering into our souls.

Father on this day we pray for Us

in our debt, fear, lust, hate, and depression start the liberation from within by an act of Your grace and will…

help us to confess to the right people the mess we are in

help us to surrender our self-sufficiency so that in our weakness and need we find your strength and power.

Set US free Lord to be your people so that we can go and help others be free… in You… because there we can be free indeed.



One thought on “A Friday Prayer For US

  1. Loved your writing on a Friday Prayer…also see you follow Virtual Abbey..so nice to read Christian writings filled with hope..God Bless
    Linda B. a.k.a desertmama47 on Twitter

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