Monday Prayer for those going to sport and band camps… and their parents

Good morning Father,

As school draws closer, some of our kids are going to HS camp…

We ask that…

you keep them out of poison ivy

you keep them out of showers when they are wearing their last pair of clothes

you keep them in bed at a reasonable hour

you keep them with their group

you keep them alive

you keep their clothes together and that they will bring them all home.

We are grateful father for this opportunity for our children…

that we can clean their rooms and see the floor

that we can have more food to eat at the table

that we can have some peace and quiet for a change

that we can let some other adults deal with their randomness

And we are also aware Father

that it is one less summer closer to graduation and early adulthood when they will launch and…

we will wish that we could pray this prayer again.

Grant your safety and mercy to all (especially the adults) during these memorable times



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