A Thursday Prayer for Those Moving

Father on this day there are thousands of people moving. Some are moving down the street, or across town. Others are moving across the state or country. Some are moving to another country and a new language and culture.

Grant them Father, a safe and complete move.

Some are moving because of work. There is a new job at the other end of the route. Be with them as they arrive, unpack, settle in and start in a new place. Grant them peace and hope.

Some are moving because of death. A spouse has died and they can no longer stay where they are. It is a tough move for some and a relief for others.  Envelope them in your love and peace and for the family members who are moving them, help them deal with all of their feelings, including the guilt they may feel for such a move.

Some are moving because of divorce. There are moms (and dads) who are moving with the kids (or some of them) back home. The pain is great. The sense of failure is deep. There is anger. There is relief. Be with the children Lord during this time, place good (and Godly) friends and adults in their path. Remind them that you travel with them in all of their journeys – inward and outward.

Finally Lord be with those who are moving to get away from something that they need to address. Some have painfully learned that ‘geographical cures’ are no cure at all. The move some need to take is a move inward, with you alongside, to deal with pain, dysfunction, and sin that has caused life to fall apart. In your firm and honest grace, love them back to a place of wholeness.



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