A Saturday Evening Prayer: For my ministerial colleagues


I come to you on behalf of my ministerial colleagues tonight.

Some have already preached once tonight. Others are preaching tomorrow.

Some of us are still writing and struggling as we write. We want to speak A Good Word tomorrow

We want to tell the Truth, Your Truth, You

as we acknowledge the truth about ourselves and the whole human race.

Our humanity goes with us into the pulpit or behind the podium or merely up front. Use it to draw others to you and keep it from inappropriately getting in the way.

Our congregations, diverse in many ways, are also the same in lots of ways. As the people come to worship, move in them through Your Holy Spirit that they are ready

and, Lord, do the same for us as well.

Some of my colleagues Lord are struggling

with marriage

with debt

with doubt

with anger

with fear

with lust

with overwhelming feelings of insignificance.

Some of us Lord, need to take a break because our character is decimated and we need to be put back together. I ask for you to provide for these men and women to experience a deep and necessary healing.

Some have large groups to speak and ministry to, others gather with groups that would take up one pew.

But they (we) preach YOUR word – that challenges, threatens, moves, quiets, convicts… and no matter how many people hear it… that they hear, and obey, it matters the most to you.

I ask now your blessing on my colleagues all of them… men and women and grant them peace and rest.

Thank you Father for the awesome privilege of telling the Truth about You… and about us… that Your Grace and Mercy through Your Son Jesus Christ transcends and overcomes all the barriers that our very human (and fallen) hearts put up… it lifts us in the joy and sorrows and overcomes our doubts, sins, and fears…

and for my colleagues in uniform, I ask that you grant them safety and grace in their places of ministry this sabbath day.

In the name of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and God the Holy Spirit



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