Raising a churchless child (via Over the Fence)

(Comment update June 11, 2010) I appreciate the honesty of skinny-sushi.  Though I am not Mormon, her views are  indicative of many persons who have struggled with “the church” as in Evangelical Church.  I, as a pastor, have struggled with “the church.” But ultimately it was God, the true God of the church, who called to me to come home to Him. I had to learn that there is a difference between God and the church. Both are vital but without God there is no church.

Raising a churchless child source My husband and I were both raised Mormon.  Independently of one another, we both stopped going to church after high school.  Now, as adults, we are happy and comfortable with our personal belief systems and neither of us have any interest in going back to church, any church.  My husband’s belief system leans more toward the scientific and rational, while I still entertain some spiritual beliefs that don’t have a particularly secular explan … Read More

via Over the Fence


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