What has the Lord been teaching you this week?

I attended a wonderful round table discussion today led by Kent Hunter of Church Doctor Ministries a few miles up the road from where I live. During the discussion about vital and healthy leadership a question was posed by Kent, ‘What has the Lord been teaching you this past week?’

This reminded me of a list of questions that Bill Tenny-Brittian shared at a conference on house churches last year at a seminar sponsored by the Northeast Center for Congregations last year. They are based on what Bill calls The Five Core Spiritual Habits of:

  • Personal, Regular Scripture Reading
  • Prayer that Listens More than Talks
  • Intentionally Encouraging Other Christians
  • Kindnesses Done in Jesus’ Name
  • Personal Faith Sharing

They can be found here (The Five Core Spiritual Habits)

(Bill can also be found on Twitter at

And I think that I have addressed this question recently with my post about Mission and Vision…Wrestling with the Future as A Pastor Leader. (

But when I thought about responding to it on my Facebook page, I realized that this could be a good blog topic to post about on a weekly basis. So, I shall, with recognition to whom recognition is due, post my responses to the five questions as a comprehensive asking of the question from this morning.

And I begin as follows:

The Lord has been teaching me patience and endurance. Our church voted last Sunday, unanimously to take a step of faith and start raising funds to build a new facility on property we bought nearly two years ago. It was a challenge but I loved to hear the question raised, ‘Do we believe that God wanted us to buy this property?’

So now begins the exciting and scary journey toward a new building… that is currently estimated to cost $1.5 million dollars!

More than once in the past several months I have heard the whisper of the Spirit asking, “Jim, do you trust me?” So patience and endurance are a part of my learning experiences these days.

What about you? What has the Lord been teaching you this week?

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