A Prayer for Mothers

My father in heaven

I give you thanks for my mother. She has been an example of strong faith and deep commitment throughout the years. She has been called ‘kind,’ ‘caring,’ and ‘funny.’ In this season of life, I ask that you bless her with your grace, presence, and strength each day.

I also thank you God for the mother of my children. She is a person of great drive, energy, and strength. In her work, Lord, I realize that she is a mother to many children as she helps them to discover the world through books and is often a constant presence in their chaotic world.

I also think of the mothers who are mothers for the first time this mother’s day (or our about to be). Bless them Lord and we rejoice with them.

Father I also think of mothers who are dealing with difficult family situations right now: A marriage going bad, a child who is starting down the path of an addictive life, a parent whose mental awareness is slipping away. Comfort, strengthen them right now. Help them Lord to rise about their anxiety and fear by casting them on you.

And Holy God, I ask that you be with those whose husbands, sons, daughters, granddaughters, and grandsons are spending this Mother’s Day on a battlefield or in service to our nation and are not at home. God in your wonderful grace and mercy, bless them and draw them close to you.

Then dear Jesus, I pray for those moms who have lost children since the last Mother’s Day. Love them and care for them as only You can.

And finally Lord, for all the women who are trying to become mothers or cannot, for a physical reason, become one, I ask that you remind them, through a kind word or act, that you are very aware of them and their desires. Grant them a personal and profound awareness that you love them at ALL times.



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