Review of Lisa Whelchel’s Friendship For Grownups: What I Missed and Learned Along the Way

What I have taken away from my reading of Lisa Whelchel’s book Friendship for Grownups, is a reminder that we were created for fellowship with God and friendship with people. And both matter to all aspects of our life. And both are interrelated.

Though Lisa’s life is well known to millions of people from her acting days on the show “The Facts of Life’ this book introduces her to a new group of people who perhaps have never seen the show but now know her as one who, by and with God’s grace and help, broke through the barriers of fear and anxiety regarding friendship, and into a new depth of relationship with God and others.

Autobiographical in nature, Friendship For Grownups reveals the struggles of an adult to get past deeply held inner barriers that caused her to rely more on performing ‘perfectly’ than to develop a manner of appropriate honesty  in developing good and life affirming relationships.

And you do not have to be a former Hollywood child star to know how hard that is.

Lisa provides some practical ways to help people in her struggles to find ‘safe people’ in which to confide and also support in return; the deeply renewing value of friendship given without regard for an expectation of friendship in return; and an honest recognition of fear that comes with risking one’s deepest hopes, dreams, fears, and failures in the pursuit of rich and honest human community and faith in the Lord. But most important is her discovery of the link between honesty in our human relationship and honesty in our relationship with the Lord and how the one can aid the other in really experience the grace and love of God.

Though it is written with women in mind, I guarantee you that many men would benefit from reading this book.

I did.


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