April 7, 2010: What I Am Reading This Week

“You and I are living in a time of a deep cultural and political divide in America. We are experiencing the polarization of extremes, and Christians have gotten completely caught up in it. We are guilty of demeaning and demonizing those with whom we disagree, despite our claims of belief in a Savior who directs us to bless, and not curse, our enemies…

“Blue” and “red” kingdoms are worldly systems that are passing away. By their very nature, they are systems that create barriers of division. The way of the cross is eternal; it tears down the dividing walls that stand between us… The way of the cross is not a way of division; it’s a way of reconciliation. We as Christ followers are to offer an alternative way. We are not the Tea Party, or the Coffee Party, or even the RC Cola Party. Christ compels us to tear down the barriers that create religious, ethnic, gender and national conflict. If it’s not about healing and reconciliation, it’s not the Gospel. (Italics mine.)

Mike Slaughter
“The Way of The Cross Vs. The Political Divide”

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