April 1, 2010: What I Am Reading This Week

“What is the point of all that?” asked another man in a tweed jacket. “They [tourists in Jerusalem who use check lists on their site seeing tours] will creep back onto the 747, creep back to their little prefabricated boxes, download their identical and identically non-understood photos onto their PC’s, file their clipboards, and go back to work as uncomplaining wage-slaves for huge multinationals.” A passing priest wafted some incense from a silver censure into his face. He coughed and stopped.

“You’re too cynical,” I said. “Humans are porous animals-spiritual sponges. They’re drenched in sanctity here. Watch this. “… I tapped one of the _________ tourists on the shoulder and asked him if he spoke English. He did.

“Do you mind me asking?” I ventured. “You’ve obviously come a long way to get here. What does it mean to you? Will it change you at all?”

“I’m changed very much,” he said.

I smugly looked back to the tweed jacket.

“Go on.”

“I got very bad diarrhea from the pickles, and I have lost two kilos.” He turned back to his checklist and adjusted the flash settings on his Nikon.”

Charles Foster The Sacred Journey

Judas, his betrayer, knew the place because Jesus and his disciples went there often.  So Judas led the way to the garden…

John 18:2 The Message


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