March 30, 2010: What I Am Reading This Week

Charles Foster in dialogue with a tourist in Jerusalem from his book The Sacred Journey

“… I tapped one of the _________ tourists on the shoulder and asked him if he spoke English. He did.

“Do you mind me asking?” I ventured. “You’ve obviously come a long way to get here. What does it mean to you? Will it change you at all?”

“I’m changed very much,” he said.

I smugly looked back to the tweed jacket. [Another tourist Foster was talking with.]

“Go on.”

“I got very bad diarrhea from the pickles, and I have lost two kilos.” He turned back to his checklist and adjusted the flash settings on his Nikon.”

“The Jesus took the Twelve off to the side and said, “Listen carefully. We’re on our way up to Jerusalem. Everything written in the Prophets about the Son of Man will take place. He will be handed over to the Romans, jeered at, made sport of, and spit on. Then, after giving him the third degree, they will kill him. In three days he will rise, alive.” But they didn’t get it, could make neither heads nor tails of what he was talking about.” Luke 18:31-34 (The Message, italics mine.)


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