Twitter, Round 2

A few weeks ago, I decided to end my personal Twitter account and focus on my Facebook network while still tweeting for a local community program that I am involved with.

After 8 days, I came back to Twitter because it had become a source of information for me (and, with some of my “tweeps,” a source of relationships).

I changed my Twitter “handle” to more accurately describe my frame of reference as a small town pastor and book lover.

I stopped trying to follow so many people (I was up over 200) and focused on some key areas that interested me – leadership, books, some humor and inspiration, as well as general Christian spirituality and life.

It has been a good transition back and I am enjoying it.

But this afternoon I tweeted, “is thinking/asking, “Do I have a responsibility 2 my followers beyond offering a brand/product? If so, what? If not, ???”

I am not sure if I will get any response but one of the things that I think I have solved is the marketing/branding issue. I am not on Twitter to market anything or myself in any way. (I recognize and respect the value of this however.)

I am on Twitter to listen and learn from others who believe as I do and who don’t believe as I do. I am here to connect with a small part of the human race around the world.

But, if I am not marketing anything, (other than links to this blog via twitterfeed with my sermons and book reviews) don’t I STILL have some kind of responsibility to those who follow me?

For one, I think I have a responsibility to be me and share, appropriately, my thoughts and, yes, my faith in a respectful way.

This probably means that I will not have large amounts of followers (and that is okay) nor will I follow large amounts of people. But it means that I place in “Twitterspace” to be a kind and care voice… and person.

What do you think? If you are on Twitter, do you have a responsibility to your followers apart from some product or brand?


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    1. I am sorry Layla for not having them on the site as I changed the theme look and forgot to add the RSS feed back into the site. They are there in the lower right corner.

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