Review of John Townsend’s Where is God?

I needed this book.

At first glance and in the initial chapters, I began to feel as if this book would be another helpful but common text for dealing with life’s problems from a sound Christian perspective. A perspective that I have heard and read many times over the past twenty or so years.

But, this book turned out to be more than just another “Christian counseling” book. Especially a book about God’s grace and sovereignty during challenging times.  It became a book that has challenged me to stop…look… and examine the barriers and opportunities of both good and bad experiences and times as a way to a deeper and more honest faith and trust in the Lord.

Where is God? is a book that moves beyond traditional answers to the question in the title. And it moves beyond the title to emphasize more than mere obedience to and practice of traditional Christian practices and belief in traditional Christian beliefs.

John Townsend’s Where is God? is a book about learning to relate to God in both the good and bad times and experiences and trust Him… in spite of.

I found chapters 7 through 11 to be the heart of the book for in it Townsend makes clear that God comes to us and wants to walk with us through both times of peace and times of trial and difficult… period. Not for the purpose of punishing us but helping us trust and love Him more.

With an emphasis on really seeing that God is good all the time, Townsend challenges the reader to learn how to relate to God on a daily basis, a basis that creates a foundation of trust in Him when the difficult times come. Of great help is the statement that “doubt is not the absence of faith. It is part of faith.”

I heartily recommend this book for those who are struggling with a life situation and for those helping those who are struggling. Townsend does not preach, he does not spill well-worn platitudes across the page, he simply reminds us that in spite of God seek to relate to us and walk with us even when the going gets tough.

(Acknowledgement: This is review is done as part of the Thomas Nelson’s, the publisher of this book, Blogger Review Program, In exchange for a free  copy of this book that I get to keep, I agreed to read the book and then write a review of the book that is posted to my blog and to a commercial site, of which I use


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