Fenelon Quote for January 25, 2010

One book that I have re-read at least once is Francois de Salignac de La Mothe Fenelon’s Christian Perfection. Written in the 17th century, this book is considered a devotional classic.

Since I am re-reading it again, I am both tweeting some things as well as doing a quote from the book once, maybe twice, a week until I am through it.

May it feed your soul…

From chapter 2, Recreation, (1946 edition edited by Charles F Whitson and translated by Mildred Whitney Stillman, republished by Bethany House Publishers)

When pleasures are harmless in themselves, and when we take part in them because of the obligations of the state into which Providence as called us, then I believe it is enough to take part in them with moderation, and in the sight of God. More severe, more constrained, less agreeable and disarming manners would only give a false idea of piety to people of the world, who are already only too prejudiced against it, and who think that a person can only serve God by a grim and gloomy life.”


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