Review of Andy Andrew’s The Noticer

(Acknowledgement: This is review is done as part of the Thomas Nelson, the publisher of this book, Blogger Review Program. In exchange for a free electronic copy of this book that I get to keep, I agreed to read the book and then write a review of the book that is posted to my blog and to a commercial site, of which I use

Andy Andrew’s The Noticer is a gripping and marvelous story of a man, Jones, who meets people at their point of greatest need, and inspires them, through a laser focused and honest assessment, that ‘the best is yet to come.’

The Noticer is a book that I had to reluctantly put down from time to time only because I had other responsibilities. However, once I returned to it, I was immediately drawn back into the plot.

Told through the eyes of one man, whose life had been profoundly influenced by Jones, (not Mr. Jones just Jones), it is a story about the importance of perspective. A perspective which provides one with a new hope and a new set of possibilities for living.

You will see yourself, and others, in the pages of this book. You will resonate with the pain, the sadness, the hope, and the drama of each person you meet.

Above all else, Andrew will challenge you, through the voice and actions of Jones, to starting noticing others and helping them with gaining a new perspective of faith, hope, and love in one’s self, others, and even God.

This is a timely and inspirational book for our days. It is not filled with checklists of characteristics or a set of standards “guaranteed” to make one successful. Rather, it is a book filled with the human… and divine… touch of time and respect that is so needed these days.


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