Review of Donald Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

“…I came to believe the Voice was God, and God was trying to write a better story.” So says Don Miller in a rich and provocative book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life. Written against a backdrop of a movie script creation about his life, Miller takes us on a journey in which he discovers that God is wanting to “write a better story” of his (Miller’s) life. Using the themes and ideas of writing, Miller’s story unfolds as a ‘character arc’ in which life, death, love, and change are the themes that are not just written about Miller’s life but, are written into them.

As we journey with Miller, we get glimpses into our own story, and find that we desire to write, with God’s input and direction, a better story as well. It is a journey, as we discover in following Miller that twists and turns in unexpected ways.

A Million Miles strips away the veneer of our often-shallow story and that was made clear to me when he realized, after observing a family in a Boston café, that he had no pictures, of anyone in his home. “My home felt like a stage on which props had been set for a fake story rather than a place where a person lived an actual human narrative.”

Engaging and hopeful, A Million Miles is book about our story within God’s story… a story that has meaning and purpose only when He is allowed to write a ‘good’ story. (Thomas Nelson)


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