Review of Holy Bible: Mosaic (NLT)

To win a certificate for a free copy of Holy Bible: Mosaic see the end of my review.

I am glad to add the Holy Bible: Mosaic to my library. It comes with the easier reading of the New Living Translation, which I have used now for 10 years, with a link to the wider Christian tradition of the Christian Year.

I used Mosaic this week for sermon study and preparation and accessed the dictionary at the rear of the Bible to search for passages used in my sermon. I also turned to the lectionary selection for the week, ‘Service,’ that I found to be personally inspirational. Also very helpful, especially for someone learning his or her way around the Bible, was the page number of the passage next to the passage itself. Coupled with, helpful introductions to each book at the beginning of each book, Mosaic, is very user friendly.

Another plus is the inclusion, which I have yet to use, of selected Hebrew and Greek words highlighted in the textual notes. Such an inclusion will provide both pastors and laity with a wonderful source for greater understanding and interpretation.

The heart of Mosaic is the weekly readings that follow the Christian Year starting with Advent. It draws, as indicated in the index, upon the whole of Christian history and tradition.

I wholeheartedly recommend Holy Bible: Mosaic for purchase and use.

I would also suggest to the publisher that a larger version, letter size pages if possible, be developed so that larger maps can be made and then cross referenced to the appropriate Biblical texts.

The Holy Bible: Mosaic is published by Tyndale House Publishing and this review is part of their blogger review program.

To win a certificate for a free copy of The Holy Bible: Mosaic, be the first person to correctly answer the following trivia question via the comment section of this blog.

Guess the country from which the most African contributions to Mosaic were drawn.


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