Review of The Short List by Bill Butterworth

Butterworth begins his book, The Short List, with a very important question that arose out of this experience with his then youngest child after being gone much of the time speaking to groups and working as a counselor: ‘How Will My Children Remember Me?’ Butterworth, with wonderful wit and humor, then responds to his own question by indicating that from that moment, “I wanted to leave a legacy of lasting significance for my children and everyone who knew me.”

He goes on to list four important values or character traits that he believes are basic and vital to leaving the right kind of a legacy. They are love, honesty, faith, and courage.

Butterworth then illustrates each of these qualities (that he calls his ‘short list’) with a story that I could related to because he finds it expressed in every day life. Then he effectively follows the story up with a Biblical exposition of that trait which is illustrated with real life situations and good question. For example, Butterworth illustrates the importance and place of love with a memorable story about little league baseball and how our daily choices can be expressions of that love.

This is a wonderful book for parents (especially dads) to read and it would great for a small group as it contains a discussion guide that would enable good discussion and perhaps the creation of one’s own short-list.


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