Review of Howard Gardner’s Five Minds for the Future

In this book, Gardner, a professor at Harvard University, introduces us to ‘five minds’ he believes we need if we “are to thrive in the world during the eras to come.” (p. 1)

They are, in the order presented:

The Disciplined Mind

The Synthesizing Mind

The Creating Mind

The Respectful Mind

The Ethical Mind

There are many good quotes in this book and I very much appreciate his critique of current educational practices, notably the over-emphasis on testing.

Yet, what I value most about Gardner’s book is that he takes us back to some bedrock values that are part of these five minds. And I summarize them as follows ‘Good thinking, good work, good values.’ (The first two are his words and not mine.)

I would use this book in all my classes, if I were a college/seminary professor, at the beginning of each class before teaching ‘the course subject.’ Why? Because I believe that what Gardner says should be understood by those who are seeking to be professional and ethical people.

A book for your library and yearly review.


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